In-Store Appearances by Tom Neustrom Increase Your Store Sales

Tom Neustrom pauses for a photo with his Lund Boat outside the L&M Supply flagship store in Grand Rapids, MN during an In-Store Appearance.In-store appearances and special event appearances by Professional Fishing Guide Tom Neustrom are a proven marketing vehicle for generating publicity, creating greater company awareness, and increasing sales.

As one of the Top Minnesota Fishing Guides, Tom enjoys making in-store appearances because it gives him an opportunity to talk one-on-one with lots of anglers. The store gains increased sales and better serves its customers who connect more strongly with the store sponsoring the event.

Whether your goal is to generate publicity and excitement for your store’s special sale or marketing focus, kick off a grand opening, or attract attention to your trade show booth; Tom Neustrom of Minnesota Fishing Connections can create a memorable
An In-store Appearance by Professional Fishing Guide Tom Neustrom of Minnesota Fishing Connections will generate publicity, create greater company awareness, and increase sales at your store.Professional Fishing Guide Tom Neustrom suggests a Rapala Crankbait to a customer at L&M Supply in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.experience for your customers and clients.

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